On this valuable occasion, we were entrusted to manage the series of Cultural Fun Games, which participants attended from World Bank Pacific – Indonesia – Philippines MFM Unit Retreat. The event was held in Bali, 5th - 8th September 2017. In this event series, there are team building that held in Mount Kawi Temple, and also gala dinner in Laka Leke Restaurant. Team building itself aims to strengthen, and create cohesiveness with each other. Because in some issues that arise, in a company, among its early colleagues do not know each other or even not mutually greeted, can be resolved with team building activities. In determining the team building groups we randomly select participants, so all participants can collaborate, and get to know each other through teams that are formed on every team building game.

The games that contained in team building itself, include; bumper balls, ring toss, and French cricket. While at the peak of event that strung within the gala dinner, we present a traditional Balinese dance, as a real manifestation of Indonesia's cultural treasures from art elements. We believe in carrying out Indonesian culture, being able to add value in each impression, as well as exceptional satisfaction to every participant, and clients. The beauty of Indonesian culture is endless to explore, it is our duty to proudly introduce the masterpiece from children of the nation to the participants, and our clients.

In creating all forms of excitement, and the satisfaction of the participants and clients, of course always be a new challenge for us, but with the high integrity of the Werkudara team, all those obstacles that exist can be resolved well, and the client deserves to get satisfaction surpasses the expectation.