The natural beauty of Indonesia provides an extraordinary charm to be enjoyed while spending time with loved ones and colleagues, especially Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. SAKA Energy Lombok Outing is an events series that combined between a travel agenda with team building. We are very enthusiastic and enthusiastic in creating excitement in every series of events that we have compiled in order to be able to provide maximum service.

SAKA Energy Lombok Outing was held at Gili Island – Senggigi Beach, 14th – 16th September 2017. Starting from the participants we invite to enjoy crystal water at Tanjung Aan beach, Indah Meresek Hill, visiting indigenous villages Sasak Sade, also Sukarara village which is the center of the handicraft about kain ikat and songket lombok. Then at the peak of the event, the participants did team building in Gili Trawangan island while enjoying the charm of the blue sea.

Laughter and also the extent to which the participants are able to enjoy each series of activities has become our responsibility.  Our effort strived for the client’s satisfaction beyond their imagination.