The uniqueness of a city known as the City of Students, become an attractiveness for Nokia – Xhaul participants to organize a travel agenda. Enjoying every exciting packed trip, memorable, and unforgettable memories. Yogyakarta has a strong local wisdom and culture, combined with stunning natural beauty, able to create a new story, and a longing to re-set foot in the city of Gudeg. The charm of Yogyakarta is endless for exploration, there is always a hidden paradise behind the increasing modernization and the mobility of the city where millions of artists were born.

We invite Nokia Xhaul colleagues to explore to find the beauty in every corner of the city. Started from the pickup arrangement at Tugu Yogyakarta Railway Station in the early morning, then continued with the journey to Mangunan Pine Forest, and Becici hill top that located in Dlinggo, Imogiri, Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta, after that the participants briefly stop at Terrace Petroek to enjoy typical dishes from Wonosari. After the participants tasted the typical dishes from Wonosari, the journey continued towards Pindul Cave, where participants take an adventure along the underground river that has 350 meters length, and 5 meters width, ornamented with stalactite-stones. In Pindul Cave, participants do cave tubing activities, and also body rafting. After all participant felt tired with pumped adrenaline activities, we invite to re-fill the ammunition at Tan Telogo Restaurant to keep their stamina and energy well maintained. At the end of the day, the participants enjoyed a night of togetherness, while tasting the dinner at Java Village Resort, accompanied by a single electone, and nostalgia with the atmosphere of Jogja.

On the second day, the participants start the day by traveling to the jeep base at the foot of Mount Merapi, then continued the adventure along the streets full of rocks to the point to watch the sunrise on the slopes of Mount Merapi, using the Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4. The weather was very supportive for the participants' journey, tired and cold feeling that is felt very pierced to the bones paid off with beautiful sunrise and the peak of Mount Merapi which can be seen clearly as far as the eyes can see. After enjoying the beautiful sunrise, participants continue the adventure to some point that became tourism landmarks in Kali Kuning area, the slopes of Mount Merapi, such as; Museum Sisa Hartaku, and also Alien Stone, both are the silent witnesses of Mount Merapi eruption in 2010 ago. Our activities continue by doing ice breaking excitement, to strengthen good relationships among participants. The next activity we continue with coffee break at Cengkir Heritage Resto, here the participants enjoy the authentic dish from Yogyakarta, such as fried tempe, fried banana, and also beverages derived from the natural wealth of Indonesia. the next activity continued with Friday Prayer and also check out hotel, after which the participants do lunch at Djejamuran Resto. Then the journey continues with shopping activities in Malioboro Street area, which is famous as a major destination when in this student city. At the end of this series of the trips, we conduct delivery participants to the Tugu Railway Station for the transfer out arrangement.

We are very enthusiastic in the planning and also the execution of the tour to create things that go beyond the expectations of the participants, also providing pleasant surprises. Not an easy thing to give an unforgettable impression in the minds of the participants, yet our efforts, and our hard work is paid off when the participants have satisfaction within our services and packaging that we compose with all forms of uniqueness.